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Get more from your non-profit website with CharityFly - collect donations, process memberships and sell tickets online!

Winning ideas for growing your non-profit

Are you a small- to medium-sized charity seeking ways to increase membership, boost ticket sales and expand your donation base? CharityFly is your answer.

Fall RIver Website Design designed CharityFly to allow you to embed secure event, donation and membership forms on your website while building into your site amazing features and functions you’d normally pay thousands of dollars for.

The forms we provide will maintain your site’s colors and style and will include your professional logo. So not only will they be highly functional, they’ll look great, too.

Collect payments two ways

1. Merchant Account – You can use your merchant account with CharityFly. When you receive a credit card order on a CharityFly secure form, you can process it and get approval through your credit card terminal.

2. PayPal Receiving – payments through PayPal is as simple as opening a PayPal account with a valid e-mail address. Your supporters will be sent over to PayPal to make their payment. It couldn’t be easier!

Take a look at how simple CharityFly’s control panel is to use:

The CharityFly control panel is designed for any non-profit to easily accept online donations, memberships and ticket sales!

Three specialized forms

You can provide any of three secure, encrypted forms, all linked to your website. There’s a form to sell event tickets, another for donations and a third to enroll members and renew memberships.

The benefits are many


  • Your donors get automatic receipts for their transactions.
  • The administrator of your site gets an e-mail every time a transaction is made.
  • Easily add general, annual, capital campaign, programs and operating fund types along with any other types.
  • You’ll have a secure URL for your donation form. You can put this link on all your promotional materials.
  • Donors are able to select a pre-stated dollar amount or enter their specific amount. They may also choose the fund to which their donation will go.
  • Donors can send their gift in the memory of a person or a group.
  • The correct department receives an e-mail saying a transaction has happened. A notification also is sent to the admin’s control panel. Then a receipt is sent to the donor, confirming the payment.

View a donation form


  • Sell any type of membership – corporate, family, individual, student, and any others.
  • Set pricing for each unique membership type.
  • The membership form contains options to join and renew.
  • With gift memberships, the receipt is sent to the purchaser so that the recipient doesn’t know about the gift before the notification arrives.
  • Your membership forms exist on a secure URL address, which you can put on all your promotional materials.
  • Upon receipt of an order or donation, a notice is sent to the correct department and to your site administrator, and a receipt is sent to the donor.

View a membership form


  • Keep up with ticket sales, remaining tickets and cancellations. Ticket-sale tracking includes online sales as well as sales through the mail and over the phone.
  • The application knows the event capacity and will not keep selling tickets after the event is sold out.
  • You can provide seven types/prices of tickets including member, non-member, senior citizen, student and others.
  • For sold-out events, your readers can join a waiting list and be informed if cancellations occur.
  • With CharityFly, there is no limit to the number of events you can promote or the amount of tickets you can sell.
  • Events can be loaded into the system ahead of time and displayed publicly at the time you determine.
  • You’ll have a secure URL address for your event form. The link to the address can go on all your promotional materials.
  • Those who place ticket orders receive automatic receipts.
  • When someone sends you the event registration form, you’ll be notified automatically.
  • Upon receiving an order, an e-mail notice is sent to the correct department. Your website administrator also receives a notice. Finally your buyer receives a receipt in his or her e-mail.

View an event registration form

As you can see, there are many ways to help your organization grow and prosper. Contact us, and we’ll show you how simple it is to get started!

See how CharityFly’s membership, event and donations processes work by clicking on any of the four fictitious organizations below:

Call (508) 415-8648 today or send an e-mail to learn more about CharityFly’s numerous benefits and advantages.