Social Media No Nos

Social Media No Nos

There is no question that Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and the many other social media platforms are important to the small business. When used correctly, social media marketing (SMM) is an important tool to be used in order to acquire a strong customer base and enhance the bottom line.

Nevertheless, there is a great deal of etiquette involved in SMM and it is important to avoid the “no nos” of marketing through social networking. Here are some of the aspects that should be avoided when marketing through social networks:

1. Don’t forget about the competition: It is very important to keep track of what the competition is doing in order to respond to the tactics they are using. The goal is to take what they are doing and do it better.

2. Don’t ignore feedback: It is customer feedback that is going to make a difference in how business is done. Knowing what the customer thinks of a product or service means improving where improvement is needed and continuing where customers are satisfied. Knowing what customers are saying also means being attuned to any negative press, which requires an immediate response so that it doesn’t affect business.

3. Arguing is counterproductive: Responding is good, but responding in a bad way is not. It is a must to remain professional no matter what. Arguing in public is especially damaging. If a mistake is made, don’t be afraid to admit it and do what is necessary to remedy it.

4. Don’t break promises: If a promise is made, it needs to be honored. It can be easy to post a promise on Facebook or another network, but it must be fulfilled or comments could be made where everyone can see that the promise was not fulfilled. This can be devastating to business.

5. Don’t get too comfortable and become inefficient: It is important to be consistently efficient. Any breakdown in efficiency can be detrimental to business. Don’t be afraid to be experimental and do what is necessary to ensure momentum continues throughout all business practices. For instance, don’t post a Tweet on Twitter just to Tweet, but make every word mean something. Post anything that will help the business.

6. Don’t lose touch with manners: The words “please” and “thank you” can go a long way within a business. Customers appreciate these words very much. Even when it is difficult to be polite, it is important to do so anyway in order to retain respect and not cause negative press or cause gossip.

It is important to avoid the “no nos” of social media. It is a must to engage in positive maneuvers in order to ensure a positive impression on the public. The last thing a business wants to do is find reviews through a Google search that sheds a negative light. Reaching customers through social networking has its place within a search engine such as Google and not just within the social network. In the end, it is important to utilize all of the tools that social networking provides and to have fun with them, while also being professional in all interaction. There will be negative comments, but knowing how to deal with them and other negativities is what will strengthen the business in the eyes of the public.

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