EMail Marketing: How to Write Great Emails

Writing a great email can be a challenge for businesses. For one, many people delete an email – before they even open it – if it is from someone they don’t know or looks like spam, because they want to avoid possible computer viruses.

Then how does a business effectively market their brand through email? It takes several techniques: a familiar name or business in the “from” line, a striking and compelling subject line, content that keeps the reader’s interest, less sales pitches, and only a few calls to action. By adhering to those email tips, you will surely be connecting with customers in no time.

A Familiar “From” Line

When people check their email, they first look to see who it is from. Therefore, it is best to use a person’s name, a business name, or an email address that people can recognize. The “from” line is the name of the sender, which can be adjusted in any email program. Make sure spelling and grammar is correct and the name sounds genuine. If you are emailing people in the US, it is best to use a name that Americans are familiar with. Likewise, if you are emailing people in China, using a Chinese name would be best. People like familiarity; so give them what they want and they will be more apt to open the email.

An Enthusiastic Subject Line

Next, they will look at the subject line. Does it strike their interest? Make sure it is not overpowering with too many capital letters in a row, which is the same as “shouting” on the web. Also avoid excess punctuation, which can seem phony or desperate and may discourage the reader from opening the email. Instead, create a short subject line that is simple, to-the-point, and compelling.

Email Content that is Engaging, Interesting, and Easy to Read

By now the reader wants to learn more about what you have to say. Make the message easy to read by using simple words and short sentences that quickly get the point across. Make the content interesting by providing intriguing facts. Lastly, engage the reader by asking them questions and by speaking to them on a personal level. In order to do this, be aware of the demographics of your readership, so that you can mention information that matters to them. If the readers can relate to you, they will feel more at your level, and will be more willing to accept your offers.

Less sales pitches

People do not want to be bombarded by pushy sales tactics or overpowering demands. They want to make up their own mind. So let them. But it doesn’t mean you can’t help them with their decision. You can help them by giving them the facts, and making them want to learn more about your products. You can convince them by being sincere and straightforward, and by making your product sound right for them. Just make sure to give them some space to make a decision.

The purpose of newsletters is to sell your services, and people are aware of this. When people sign up for a newsletter they are interested in the company and are open to what they have to offer. This is the right time to advertise your products. However, don’t be overly demanding. Just express the importance of your products and the readers will be receptive.

Only a Few Calls to Action

Calls to action are various offers and opportunities within an email. You need at least one call to action for effective email marketing. Be direct about your call to action so that the potential customer doesn’t walk away because you were too passive. Three calls to action is the maximum to include. Any more than that and the reader will feel overwhelmed and confused, and will likely freeze up or back down before selecting any opportunities. Sometimes just one call to action in an email is most effective. It gets the business’ marketing purpose out in a simple way and the reader will be more receptive.

An effective perspective to keep in mind – while applying all of the above techniques – is to form the emails according to the type of readership. It would be additionally effective to compose several emails for different types of readers. Overall, remember to be sincere, easy to relate to, and compelling, and make the emails easy to read and inviting. To ensure your email marketing strategy is effective, call Fall RIver Website Design at 508-415-8648 for a free consultation and evaluation.