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Local area organizations currently using this event registration, donations and membership solution include: New Bedford Whaling Museum, WHALE, Rotch Jone Duff House, Lloyd Center, New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce.

Event Registrations for your Non-Profit Website

Are you struggling to find an easy system to accept event registrations online? When looking for a system that handles event registrations online you will probably want a system that provides a number of different ticket options – different prices for different types of tickets. You will also want to keep track of people who are on a “waiting list” where tickets have been sold out. One example of an event management system that provides these features is CharityAid+.

Donations for your Non-Profit Website

A website is a great way to make it possible for you to receive 501c3 donations 24 hours a day. By setting up a system on your website to receive donations you can receive donations for your organization even when you are sleeping or on vacation. You should also allow your donors to choose how much they want to give, whether they want to give on a once-off or recurring basis and also where they want their donations to go towards. One way you can implement all of these features quite easily is with CharityAid+.

Membership Enrollments for your Non-Profit Website

Another aspect of their website that many charity organizations need to look at is their membership enrollments. There are usually a number of different membership levels with their own cost. Your non-profit website should also make it easy for members to renew their memberships and you may also want to have an option for people to give memberships as gifts. CharityAid+ simplifies this whole process with an easily understandable user-interface that quickly and easily allows you to enter different membership levels and prices, makes it easy for your members to renew and also gives the option of gift memberships.

Sending Visitors to Your Event, Donations and Membership Pages on Your Non-Profit Website

Another important element when you are implementing a system for handling these different aspects of your non-profit website is that these pages need to be easily accessible. You should be able to include links to these pages in all your marketing efforts and materials. If these pages are not easily accessible then they will probably not be too much help. At the bottom of your CharityAid+ control panel you will see a link that you can include to each of these different pages.

In conclusion, Fall RIver Website Design provides a program known as CharityAid+ that simplifies the process of event registrations, donations and membership enrollments and renewals for your non-profit website. These web pages are all easily accessible and there is a link that you can include in any marketing materials to quickly and easily send people to these pages.

More information about CharityAid+ including a demo and example installations can be found here: CHARITYAID+ – ONLINE EVENT REGISTRATION, MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT AND DONATIONS