Choosing a New Bedford Web Hosting Company

Help me choose a New Bedford Web Hosting company!

Whether you’re planning a full-scale business site, a snazzy online business card, or even a personal place for family photos—choosing the right web hosting company is vital to the success of your project. A quality web hosting company typically offers a range of packages and options, allowing you to focus on your individual needs and growth potential.

Before you jump at the first package deal you see, you’ll want to consider your goals and needs—and whether or not your prospective web hosting company can meet them.

Note your needs before you choose a hosting company. You’ll want a package that will meet your site’s requirements—with room for growth.

E-commerce Options – SSL / Shopping Cart

If you’re planning to build a full-blown, online retail website, you’ll need a host that can handle the load. Be sure your prospective hosting company offers support for business sites, as many ecommerce websites require a lot of resources. Your host should be able to provide support for a shopping cart and SSL certificate, appropriate bandwidth and CPU thresholds, CGI and/or PHP, a product catalog, a solid uptime guarantee, and other essentials.

If you’re not code savvy, be sure your potential host offers shopping cart installation services, or complete website development packages. If they can provide a full solution (site creation, hosting, and maintenance), it may be in your businesses’ best interest.

Website Design Tools

Whether your site is a mega shop or a tiny info page, you’ll want to know if your host has web design tools that make website creation and maintenance easier.

Browser-based panels like InCommand Editor make managing your site a snap! Edit and maintain your webpage without knowing a lick of HTML or cumbersome programming code, and use the powerful features to build everything you need—from forms and tables to dynamic layouts and order sheets. Having a good, reliable online web editor can make the difference between a successful online venture and a workload nightmare.


Email is another form of branding. There may be free email providers out there—but nothing looks more professional than Be sure your prospective host offers email services, if you need them.

Technical Support

Good technical support is imperative. Why choose a company that offers expensive, unhelpful, or scanty service? Good customer service is essential to your success and satisfaction.

Make sure your hosting company has a dedicated customer service phone line, email support, and (better yet), phone or in-person consultation services, especially if you’ll be having them build your site.


In brick-and-mortar retail, experts like to say “location is everything.” In cyberspace, it’s also important. Choosing a web development company that’s located in your city of business, or in a neighboring area, can actually be more beneficial than you realize.

Imagine being able to speak to your web designer—in person! Imagine having access to their offices, their live customer support, or to other special features and services the developers offer to their local community. “Going local” often beats cheaper, out-of-the-country options.

Complete Turnkey Solutions

When one phone call can do it all, why not consider a web host that offers a complete, turnkey solution? Companies that offer a host and designer all in one can save you hours of time and thousands of dollars in planning, education, and building.

Web design and hosting packages combine the best of both worlds. Professionals will create a website based on your specific needs, and will host it with everything necessary for your site’s success. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Most turnkey solutions also offer reliable uptime guarantees and other perks!

Before jumping at web hosting, consider your venture seriously. You want a site that you’ll be proud to share, hosted by a reliable, honest provider. Keep our tips in mind and you’ll meet the right web hosting company!