Gigabytes, schmigabytes – Our Web Site Designers Don’t Speak Gobbledegook!

Can Your New Bedford Web Designer Speak in Plain Terms?

Gigabytes, schmigabytes – Can Your New Bedford Web Designer Speak in Plain Terms

Being able to speak in “plain English” is not directly related to the technical or creative skills needed to design a website, but it is a necessary ability when it comes to communicating with clients.

Technical people often lose the contract because of poor communication skills. The typical business owner knows what the goals are for his or her website. The technical processes for reaching those goals do not interest him/her greatly. He/she just wants it done.

At Fall RIver Website Design (and any other smart web development company), we take extra care to explain the entire process of designing a new site in “plain English”. We don’t pepper our words with technical “buzzwords” to try to impress. Gigabytes – schmigabytes!

The benefits of this approach are tremendous. Clients feel far more comfortable we’re not trying to hide anything in confusing language. We believe that speaking our clients’ language just makes good business sense.

As a customer out shopping for a new web site, don’t settle for a company that can’t communicate in plain terms. Technospeak or gobbledegook have no place in discussion between a client and a web development company. Leave the gobbledegook for the nerds in the back room. A good web development company knows how to communicate in language that anyone understands.